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And the beat goes on….+ yummy green smoothie recipe


As you can probably tell, the blogging has taken a back seat lately. I have not been cooking up a storm and I don’t have any new recipes to share.¬† I have probably eaten out more than I like lately but hey sometimes that is life ūüôā¬†¬† Since my daughter started high school in August, it has been a whirlwind of a schedule! I must say she is doing great and she has had no choice but to stay organized so I am not complaining! She is in the school marching band and let me tell you it is a busy time! Anyone who thinks band is for the faint of heart, let me just say they are sadly mistaken! I have learned so much in this journey with my daughter. For one thing, she really loves it! There is a sense of¬†comrade that is created. It teaches the kiddos discipline and structure and I am all for that!¬† I savor every minute and just tell myself that one day the house will be quiet and I will have more time than I know what to do!

With this crazy band life, has come an opportunity for me as an individual.   I have been involved in coordinating one of the bands biggest fundraisers, Kingdom of the Sun Marching Band Festival.  This is my first year and pretty much my first time for taking on anything of this size. We are talking about 22 bands and 2000 kids competing at our school!  Very exciting, yet challenging! In an effort to keep this event going, we really need to show a profit for all our hard work and time spent.  If I am not at a band competition or football game on the weekends, then I am lighting up the phones and approaching local businesses requesting donations anywhere from goods and services to monetary donations. My philosophy is always ask for everything I need and want, and the worse they can say is no. I have found many, if not most, people to be so generous and accommodating in our endeavor! Money is tough to come by just for basic educational needs let alone funds for the arts such as band.  I enjoy doing what I do and if it gets us what we need for the band then I am ecstatic! Does it take a lot of time? YES. Does it require lots of follow-up? YES. Is it worth it? YES. I think so! Every little bit helps the kids and the teachers as well as our ultimate goal, to raise funds for the band!

So with that said, here is a recipe for a great energy boosting, ON THE GO, smoothie.  I came across this on pinterest so I decided to give it a try. I made the smoothie then I froze it in silicone push pops (kind of like the gogurt packaging) and had it with me during the band competitions.  You can enjoy this frozen in pops or just as a great energy drink for breakfast or any time of day!

Below is the link to check out the push pop molds if you are interested!

  Green Smoothie

2 handfuls spinach

1 apple

1 banana (I used frozen)

1 c. greek yogurt (or any of your choice)

5 strawberries (I used frozen but fresh is even better

1/2 of a naval orange

Blend till smooth and enjoy! Ice is optional, if you use ice, I would use about a cup.