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Real food? what’s that?


This is from a blog I love called 100 days of real food! This girl is great and she really seems to live by the real food rule. Just a great article to define what we should be eating! Let me know what you think!

Real food defined


One change at a time


Phew made it through Monday! I had some really great questions brought to me today. I love questions so please keep them coming! It can be overwhelming trying to start exercising, juicing, eating gluten free and healthier. My advice to you is make one change at a time.  The goal is for you to make a life change, eat healthier and live better. I know weight loss is a goal and we must lose it but I don’t want it to run let alone ruin your life. You have to be happy with what you are doing! If you find yourself eating junk late at night (I am very guilty of this) try to replace it with a cup of hot licorice mint tea. It has a sweet taste and will help with digestion.  Journal why you are eating late and go back and review each day what might have caused the eating.  Sometimes we just have cravings and we just want to eat! Bottom line, everything in moderation and remember the end goal is to live longer, healthier lives.  Be well!


Licorice tea

Just another Manic Monday!


Good morning! Here is wishing everyone a great work day/school day! Start the week on the right foot, pack your lunch, take the stairs instead of the elevator! Do squats at your desk or find a partner and go for a lunch time walk. Just get moving and do what you love as long as it is not sittin’ on the couch!Lol!  Hopefully you got off to work and/or school with a healthy breakfast! It is one of the meals you definitely don’t want to miss and eating breakfast every day helps with weightloss if that is your goal.  Not a breakfast person? Try this green monster smoothie! Ignore the color because the taste is awesome! I promise I would not steer you wrong! My kids love them, give it a try and let me know how you like it!

Green Monster Smoothie

Jump start!


Happy Sunday everyone!  To start the week off right, jump start your week by doing a little prep work so you can have healthy, easy recipes available at your fingertips. Here are some of the things I am doing to get ready for a busy week! I eat better when I have the food ready to go! How about you? What are you doing this beautiful Sunday? Post comments and ideas on what you do to prepare for the week!



I grilled chicken breast and tenderloins and we will have them on salad or with a sweet potato and veggies! They are also great to pack for school lunches! 2 tenderloins, some bbq sauce for dipping and serve with some veggies such as sliced cukes or carrot chips! Healthy, easy school lunch idea! 


5 spice turkey lettuce wraps 

I bought 5 pounds of lean ground turkey. I froze 2.5 pounds and I cooked 2.5 pounds. I will use it for tacos and lettuce wraps! If you are making tacos, get some baby bella mushrooms, run them through your food processor until crumbled and add them to the ground turkey! It will increase the amount you have to serve and with taco seasoning the kids never know they are eating mushrooms!  Here is a recipe for  delicious lettuce wraps (I made some changes based on my tastes and health).  Remember a recipe is a guide! Have fun with it and add your own twist!




Did you know you could freeze muffins?  A while back I froze these muffins in cupcake liners and today I baked them! I am a big juicer so the pulp from the carrot is in these healthy muffins! I took them from the freezer to the oven and baked them for 30-35 mins on 350 degrees (ovens vary so you may have to cook longer or shorter time) 


Bought some beautiful grapes this weekend and my kids love them in their lunches! So to make life easier I give them a quick spray of vinegar with water then pat them dry and put them in snack bags! The kids will pack their lunch and throw in a bag of the grapes!